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Changing Size 

Alle unsere Mesh-Träger lassen sich leicht auf die richtige Größe einstellen. Befolgen Sie die Anweisungen Schritt für Schritt, um Ihre Uhr größer oder kleiner zu machen.


Step 1: Grab the supplies 

Make sure you have the supplies such as your watch and the tool. (You can also use a similar small item with a small and thin end such as a needle or an earring) 

Step 2: Use the tool 

Grab the tool included in the box. And pry open the panel. 

Step 3: shift the closure 

Now it is time to shift the closure and see how much the closure should shift. 

Schritt 4: Schließen Sie das Bedienfeld

If the closure is in the right place, press the panel down again and you have changed the size of your mesh straps. 

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